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-> To get to Ponzano, coming either from Florence or Siena, you have to take the SUPERSTRADA (also called AUTOPALIO). This is the main connection between Florence and Siena, it is not a motorway but a four laned highway without toll.

-> Continue on this dual-carriage way till the exit 'POGGIBONSI NORD'

-> Take exit ‘POGGIBONSI NORD’ come to the roundabout and take the first road on the right following directions to Barberino Val d’Elsa-> From here we are only 5.4 km (3 miles) away

-> Go in the direction of Barberino and after exactly 4,7 Km turn right on a white country road

-> Continue for 700 mt and you will arrive at la ‘Torre di Ponzano’ which is the first house on the right.

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