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Chianti, a territory in the region of Tuscany well known all over the world for its landscape and wine and art towns like Florence (Firenze), Siena, Lucca, San Gimignano ...
Location is the key to an easy visit and exploration of the Chianti!
The central location of our home will allow you not only to visit and explore this territory and its towns, but, also, relax in peaceful surroundings, enjoy beautiful panorama, immerse yourself in a rural setting, admire lovely sunset, indulge in the local cuisine and, when needed, following our advice, based on our intimate knowledge of the region.
As far as accommodation is concerned you can choose from the following:
'Il Fienile'- large, full of light, disposed on four floors and finely restored, this semidetached villa can cater for up to 6 people, even if single writers love it for its desk positioned in front of an inspiring view.
Double Rooms - all located on the main building, tastefully decorated and with all modern comforts.
The Tower - in the oldest part of Ponzano (built around 945) an old tower build against invasion, there are now two double rooms with its own private entrance

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